The Mill on Morrison

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sat:Lunch noon-2pm Dinner 5pm-12am
               CLOSED SUNDAYS
ADDRESS: 11 Morrison Street, Hobart TAS 7000
PHONE: (03) 6234 3490

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The Mill on Morrison is a wine bar and tapas restaurant, located a street back from the Franklin Wharf. Although there are no wharf views from the restaurant, the decor was pleasant and inviting. There was the option of both indoor and outdoor seating, we opted for an indoor window seat near the bar. The wine list was extensive and offered a variety of Tasmanian and Australian wines by the glass or bottle. I selected a glass of Tasmanian rose to accompany my meal. The tapas list was impressive with so many delicious items on offer. The menu was set out in a clear manner, listing the dishes by means of snacks, vegetarian dishes, seafood, land and tacos. Our waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu and offered his opinion on the not-to-miss tapas plates (which included the gnocchi). He was very patient with us as we asked him a million questions in regards to the tapas and also whilst we contemplated whether we should opt for the “Chef’s Choice” option. The “Chef’s Choice” meal plan enables their diners to sample a variety of tapas dishes from the menu, choices made at the chef’s discretion. Steph, my Tasmanian travel buddy and I decided we would select and order several items and share them to ensure we were able to taste more of a variety.

Our tapas selections were as follows:

  • Goats cheese semolina gnocchi, pesto and tomato puree-
    This gnocchi was certainly not the traditional, heavy italian pasta dish. It was soft and fluffy and the flavours were indescribable. We both agreed that this dish was by far the best thing we have eaten in Hobart and close to the best thing I’e eaten in my life. I cannot find the words to explain just how impressive this dish was. Thanks to our lovely waiter who suggested we try it!

  • Red capsicum stuffed with wild rice, onion jam, pumpkin, pine nuts and parmesan-
    The stuffed capsicum was large in size which made it a great sharing option. The rice was extremely flavoursome with a generous serve of pumpkin and pine nuts mixed through. The caramelised onion jam was to die for, the perfect sweet accompaniment to the meal.

  • Chicken, avocado and corn salsa in a soft shell taco-
    As with the other dishes we tried, this was no ordinary taco. The chicken was marinated in a delicious peri peri style seasoning and the avocado and corn salsa was the perfect mix. The soft shell had an omelette type taste and texture which didn’t over power the rest of the ingredients.

  • Calamari, lightly seasoned with rock salt and lemon-
    The calamari was the first of our meals that we didn’t particularly rave over. Although it was still tasty, it was rather bland compared to our other meal choices. This tapas plate came out last which meant we had already gobbled up the others, this would have been a nice accompaniment to the stuffed capsicum.

  • Mushroom, thyme and goats cream cheese croquettes-
    The croquettes were simply delicious, I could have easily eaten them both myself! They were soft and creamy and melted in my mouth and I could taste each ingredient.

After being completely satisfied with our dinner and the service at The Mill, we were not ready to leave such a brilliant, busy and energetic atmosphere so decided to ordered an espresso martini each to complete our dining experience. We were very impressed with our cocktail, especially as it was served in a latte glass rather than the traditional martini glass, which meant it was more than generous in size!

Our entire dining experience at The Mill was incredible. The friendly and wise waiters/waitresses ensured our water glasses were always filled, they offered more wine when ours was finished, they were genuinely interested to see if we had enjoyed each tapas plate and were even able to inform us of the ingredients and methods used to create some of the dishes.

My only criticism would be that the online menu was outdated, some of the dishes listed online had been excluded from the printed menu. Not that there wasn’t a huge variety to choose from! However, the website also showcases pages upon pages of the cocktails and drinks on offer at The Mill, with interesting changes and add ons to the traditional cocktails- you could even build your own! We asked the staff about this and we were disappointed to be told that they no offered them. In saying this, the staff were more than happy to fix us a cocktail of our choice and apologised for the outdated website.

With that being said, we were still 100% happy with our night at The Mill. Thanks for a wonderful dining experience at one of the best tapas bars I have eaten at. I would most certainly recommend The Mill on Morrison to everyone visiting Hobart. You will not be disappointed with the service, food or atmosphere.



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