Decadent C’s

OPENING HOURS: Daily 9am-4.30pm | Closed Wed
ADDRESS:25 Husband Road, Mandurah, WA
PHONE:(08) 9583 5571

Today my mum and I wanted to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather. Since I am still only just hobbling about we knew we couldn’t go for a walk or sit at the beach so decided to sit outside in the sunshine at Decadent C’s in Barragup.

Decadent C’s is located just outside of Mandurah and is a family friendly gourmet cafe. It has a clean, crisp interior with plenty of furniture and seating for any size party. As we walked in we could watch the workers behind a glass window making all the chocolate and cakes for the store. On the opposite side, the store was lined with shelves that contained packages of delicious chocolates of all types there was: chocolate coated nuts, sultanas, honeycomb, coffee beans, buttons and all sorts. As we continued to walk (rather slowly) towards the counter, we could admire the many delicious cakes on display. Although there was plenty that caught our eye and many that we wanted to try, the slices were large and there was no way we would be able to sample more than one! When greeted at the counter we placed our order of two mugs of skinny flat whites and a pecan pie slice to share. The total came to $18 which seemed a little steep for my liking. But to be honest, I never eat cake so wouldn’t really know what the going rate was!


The lady taking our order asked if we wanted to sign up to “rewardle” which allows its members to receive discounts and work towards a free coffee. It’s like a loyalty card where you buy 10 coffees get one free, only not specific to a single cafe, but many in Australia. Mum and I catch up for coffee quite often so decided to sign up! This was all done in a few minutes through their iPad at the counter. We continued outside and sat at the closest table in the sun, situated right near the kids playground. No wonder this cafe was so busy and filled with families and mum’s. Decadent C’s has a large playground, complete with sun shades on top, and various bikes, cars and balls so that they children can be kept entertained whilst mothers enjoy their coffees.

Within no time at all our mugs of coffee and slice of pecan pie arrived at our table. Our coffees came with a small shortbread cookie and two chocolate buttons to sample on our teaspoon. I’m always impressed when cafes offer this as they are usually all the treat I need to feel a little spoilt! However, today I was sharing pie with mum. The slice was huge and came accompanied by two dollops of cream on the side. I am so glad we only ordered one slice to share as we couldn’t even eat all of it!

We spent an hour or so soaking up the sun and enjoying our coffee before making our way back home. Although I found Decadent C’s to be a little pricey, it is clearly a big hit with the local families as it was busy even on a Friday around brunch. I will definitely recommend this cafe to friends with young children and anyone with a sweet tooth. The regular menu was filled with pastries and baguettes so not really for the health- consicious, however, I would definitely return for another coffee and catch up.
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