Food + Drink Cafe.

OPENING HOURS: Tues- Sun: 8.30am-3pm
ADDRESS: Shop 7, 3 Dawesville Road,Dawesville WA 6211
PHONE:(08) 9582 1351

On Friday, a friend and I took a long walk in the sunshine along the Dawesville Estuary. After our one hour walk and talk, we decided that it was not enough of a catchup so extended our walk to a lunch date also. There was not much around the area, but we did see a cute, quaint little cafe on the corner of the local store called Food + Drink. I must admit, I had heard of it before, as it is relatively new to open within my area so what better reason to try it out- that lunch with a friend.

As we walked in we were greeted by the waitress behind the counter and given two lunch menus. We were able to sit where we liked and as there were not many other diners, we had our pick of a small table near the window. It was unfortunate that there was no outdoor seating as it was such a nice day, it would have been beautiful!

The menu was very small and a little unappealing to be honest. Only sandwiches, wraps and burgers were on the menu. As I went up to place our order of two chicken and salad sandwiches (one toasted) I asked the waitress if they had considered doing an “All Day Breakfast” as I would have thought it to be successful. She commented that they used to do it, but no one seemed to order from it, yet assured me that the chefs were working on a new and improved menu and they had been doing some research as to what the people wanted. So that cheered me up and would perhaps be reason to come again- as today’s menu didn’t interest me at all!

Within no time at all our sandwiches were delivered to our table, and although a typical chicken sandwich, was pleasantly tasty! The girls were more than helpful in filling our drink bottles and even bringing a glass of ice to the table as requested.

A pleasant experience at Food + Drink Cafe, but very much looking forward to their new and improved menu as their current one was not impressive enough to make me return!
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