Golden Cloud Spur Steak Ranch House

OPENING HOURS: 7 Days for Lunch 10am-2.30pm | Dinner 5pm-10pm
ADDRESS:7 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210
PHONE:(08) 9535 1067

Yesterday, my high school girl friends had scheduled a catch up and birthday lunch date at Spurs, Mandurah. We had thrown around a few different venues originally, but decided upon Spurs due to it’s family friendly atmosphere, as some of the girls now have children and would bringing them along.

I had never been to Spurs before and upon arrival, knew exactly why it had been selected. As I walked in the entrance, right opposite the front payment counter was a giant bouncy castle that children were allowed to play on, whilst their parents enjoyed a meal inside. What a brilliant idea! It actually reminded me of America, as they too provide lots of entertainment for kids whilst the family dines out.

I met up with the other girls and we were seated in a comfortable booth near the kitchen. All the decorations are “South African inspired” with lots of skulls and feathers and leather look decorations.

IMG_0171The menu was fairly extensive with starters, mains, sides, burgers, salads and desserts displayed in a giant laminated booklet. The wine (by the glass) list was disappointing with only one on offer for each variety so it was safer to stick with water. I ordered the grilled chicken breast and substituted the sides of either a baked potato or chips and onion rings to a side of greek salad. The waitress wouldn’t let me substitute it for vegetables, which ended up being a blessing in disguise as they served microwaved frozen veg! Yerp- straight from the horses mouth too! When we all got our meals after a short wait, we still hadn’t received the children’s meal we ordered. When we asked about the wait, the waitress replied, “We are just waiting on the vegetables to come out of the microwave!” You can imagine our faces.

We were all happy with our meals and the portions could not be faulted. With mine, I got a serving of two chicken breasts and a generous amount of salad considering I substituted it!  However, the kids meal (already later than the rest of the order) came out steaming hot and was unable to be eaten for a further ten or so minutes due to this! So the poor child was watching us eat ours and then when hers finally came, she had to wait even longer.

Spurs is certainly family friendly with the cartoons on TV and the bouncy castle available out front and my meal was well priced for the size at only $23.95. But as for the rest of my experience, it was fairly average. Our waitress wasn’t overly helpful and didn’t accommodate us with enough menus per person (even after asking for more) and then having to ask for more bottled water for the table. I was disappointed about the frozen vegetables and the fact that the kids meal was brought out late and steaming hot.

Although I wouldn’t turn down an invitation to dine at Spurs, I probably wouldn’t arrange to meet again there for a meal in the future.

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