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On Saturday night, the American and I decided to treat ourselves to our final “relaxed meal” before getting back into our hard core training and eating regime as of Sunday morning. What better way to do so than with a burger from Grill’d? On arrival we chose a small table for two by the counter, as it was too cold to sit on the deck outside, although it does have the best view of the foreshore.

We glanced over the menu and although I nearly settled for the chicken salad, I made myself try something different, so chose the Vegetarian Friends of Falafel Burger on a low carb bun ($15) while Scott chose the Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger ($13.50) with a side of zucchini fries ($4.80). Table service isn’t offered here, but the line at the counter moved quickly and the service was fast and friendly.

IMG_2354Our burgers didn’t take long to arrive at  our table and before long we were tucking into our meals. My burger was much smaller in size than Scott’s which could be because I chose the low carb bun option, but to be honest it’s presentation was disappointing. I know I’m eating at a fast food joint, but it looked as though it was just thrown together, with many of the fillings still on the plate! The falafel pattie was actually pretty dry and there was no signs of the pumpkin as stated on the menu! The tzatziki dressing was delicious and lemon, slaw & hummus took up majority of the filling!

IMG_2352Scott’s burger was much more appealing to the eye and was large in size and looked juicy and fresh. The fillings were generous in size also and looked as though the chef wasn’t blind in putting it together! The thick, lean beef burger pattie was served with a topping of crispy bacon, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo. The bun looked freshand the zucchini fries were golden brown and cooked well. Although they were a little oily for my liking, Scott enjoyed them and there was plenty to share!

All in all, a slightly disappointing dinner at Grill’d. I sometimes put it down to the fact that I potentially ordered the wrong item off the menu, but either way- chances are I won’t be in any hurry to return.
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