Kebab Masters Marina

Mon- Wed: 10am-10pm
Thurs- Sat: 7am-10pm
Sun: 7am-9pm
ADDRESS:2 The Palladio, Mandurah WA 6210

IMG_8483This afternoon, mum and I decided to catch up for a late lunch in the Mandurah Marina. We had heard great reviews about the relatively new Turkish restaurant on the waterfront, so decided to try it out for ourselves. When we arrived, we were greeted promptly by the waiter who talked us through the extensive menu options for lunch. There was so much choice- we were bound the find something we wanted!

Kebab Masters Marina on Urbanspoon

We chose a high bar style table at the front of the restaurant that had prime view of the Marina and began studying the menu. The items seemed a little overpriced with a kebab costing $29 and most tapas style plates at $15. But, we had been told the food was fabulous and seeing as though I don’t usually eat Turkish cuisine, I was excited to try something new. There were not many chicken options on the menu, with lamb and beef taking priority, but I was not disappointed as there were plenty of vegetarian options to pick from.

IMG_8477 IMG_8480Our waiter brought over cold water and offered to take our drinks order. Although we weren’t wining and dining today, the beer and wine list was very impressive (and relatively cheap), especially considering they are also a BYO venue.

After much discussion over our lunch choices, we decided to go “tapas style” and share a few different things. We ordered a Grilled Haloumi Salad, Cabbage Wraps filled with rice, spinach, tomato and mushroom and a Stuffed Capsicum. Our waiter ensured that these were good choices and would be enough food to share.

IMG_8479After a short wait our meals arrived and we were very impressed with the presentation and aroma. After taking photos (of course) we sampled a little of each and were impressed also with the flavours, each item having a very distinct taste. The salad was my personal favourite as it was very refreshing with a light lemon and mint dressing. The stuffed capsicum came with a splash of tzatziki dressing and the cabbage wraps were served in the most delicious rich tomato relish.

Although the general ambience and seating plan is very average, with such a gorgeous view of the Mandurah Marina and delicious food, it would be hard to go wrong.

It is certainly not the traditional Kebab store that’s for sure.



Any thoughts/comments?

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