Nino Fish Bar & Cafe.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sun: 8am-10pm
ADDRESS: 4 Zephyr Mews, Mandurah, WA
PHONE:(08) 9534 9444

Yesterday after a busy day at school and after an intense trying session, the American and I had planned to do a heavy study session as our final PT exam is coming up. As the weather was far to gorgeous to stay inside, we decided to take our books and head into the marina. We wanted a venue in which we could enjoy the sunshine, a place that wasn’t too busy so that we could study and potentially end up having a relatively healthy meal afterwards. We both mentioned that we would like Nino’s Fish Bar as it has a great selection of outdoor seating both in the sun and shade and it never gets too busy at this time of year.

IMG_3520When we chose our table outside in the sun, we noticed a sign at the bar reading “Happy Hour 5-6pm DAILY”. Scott checked his clock, it was 5.15pm- perfect! We ordered a glass of wine and pint of beer which came to the grand total of $7.45 ! This was the perfect motivator to get our heads into the books.

We studied amongst the sound of seagulls and the incredible view of the marina before watching the sun go down (with a second glass of wine and pint of beer) before moving inside to get warm and order dinner.

Seeing the specials board (both at the counter and entrance) we decided to opt for this! How could we turn down a three course meal for $16.95 a head? First course was a prawn cocktail, second was fish, chips and salad and the third was a coffee or tea and a slice of cake from their cafe. Normally with these kind of deals, you can’t substitute or change things so I was ready to be rejected when I asked for no chips/extra salad and to have my fish grilled and not battered. Boy was a surprised when the girl serving me replied with “no problems”. We received our buzzer and a token to take the to cafe when we had finished our meals which would enable us to select our slice of cake and order our coffees.

IMG_3523Our buzzer sounded after a short wait, to remind us to collect our meals from the counter. I must admit for the price, I wasn’t expecting much- but was pleasantly surprised when Scott brought it to our table. My grilled fish was generous in size and cooked well. My side salad looked small in it’s bowl but once I had cleared my unwanted chips onto Scott’s plate and emptied my salad onto my plate, it was evident that this serving size was plentiful.

After we finished our meals we studied for a little longer before ordering two long blacks, a slice of carrot cake and a slice of lemon cake. The coffees were amazing, the waiter even brought us over a little jug of extra hot water and side of milk in case we wanted to add it, but they were perfect exactly as he had made them. I forgot to take photos of dessert because I continued studying asI wasn’t eating cake. But Scott polished them off and commented that they were fresh and moist. The slices were small but enough after a decent meal .If I had only come in for coffee and cake, I would hope that the slices were bigger but I guess I will need to return to test out this theory 🙂
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