Oceanic Bar & Grill.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sun: 11am-11pm
ADDRESS: The Lido, Mandurah, Perth, WA
PHONE:(08) 9582 9465

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.01.34 pmI have been to Oceanic Bar and Grill now on several occasions as it is not only relatively new in Mandurah, but it has one of the best pub feels in town. Located in Dolphin Quay, the venue boasts the most prestigious views of the Marina in Mandurah, where spotting a dolphin whilst enjoying a long lunch or a drink with friends, is not unusual!

There is always a crowd at OBG, which creates a vibrant atmosphere. Unfortunately as it is always busy, the line for food is always pretty lengthy. There is only one line and counter for food so expect to be in it for quite some time. Usually, I ensure I have been to the bar, with a drink in hand prior to ordering 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.01.26 pmEach time I’ve dined at OBG I’ve had the chicken salad, which is very basic, consisting of just mixed leaves, chicken breast and topped with dry noodles! It is served with a sauce also, but I always ask for it on the side as it is one of those heavy mayo sauces too. Portions are always pretty hefty so there are no real complaints! The American has had the beef burger, which is served with a side of fried and again- generous in portion size.

The menu, although loaded with unhealthy/ pub style foods, the specials board often displays healthier seafood items and better yet- cocktails of the week! If you haven’t yet been to Oceanic, I suggest that you do, even if just for a drink. You really have no excuse, especially now that the weather is warming up!
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