Prairie Cafe.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri:7am-3pm | Sat & Sun: 8am-2.30pm
ADDRESS:Shop 1, 609-617 Old Coast Road, Falcon. WA 6210
PHONE:0404 798 384

Today I needed a change of scenery! After sitting at home and being unable to walk  for the past three weeks, mum persuaded me to get out of the house for lunch! We knew we needed somewhere that was easy to access from the carpark so that I didn’t have to hobble too far. We were on our way to another venue within the Miami Plaza until we saw the gorgeous “Prairie Cafe” on the corner with car bays right out front.

IMG_1306We pulled up, I hobbled through the door and found a seat by the menu board – which was cleverly displayed on a roll of brown paper on the wall. Within no time at all, we were delighted to be welcomed by the friendly staff who explained the specials menu and allowed us to glance over the menu without being rushed. When we had both decided, I hobbled to the counter to order and to view the amazing display of cakes, slices, tarts and fresh salads  on offer. I ordered from the specials menu whilst mum chose from the display cabinet. I chose the Corn Fritters with spinach, poached egg & Salmon Hollandaise without the hollandaise of course! ($15) Mum chose a toasted chicken and ranch sandwich on thick wholegrain bread  ($8) and a flat white ($4). I couldn’t believe that we could get two meals and a coffee for $27! In Mandurah, that is almost unheard of! While we waited for our meals (although not very long at all) we glanced over a magazine each that were provided on a small table by the menu board.

The coffee was the first to arrive at the table and mum was impressed with the taste and temperature. Not too long after came our meals- boy were we impressed! When I went to the counter to order I saw the corn fritters in the display cabinet and they looked large in size so I only expected one fritter and judging by the price, I didn’t think there would be too much salmon either. How wrong I was! My meal was huge with two large fritters stacked onto of each other then topped again with 3 slices of salmon, a handful of spinach leaves and the perfectly poached egg! Mum’s toasted chicken sandwich was gourmet with the chicken being marinated and seasoned with a range flavoured dressing, spinach leaves, cheese and spices. It was equally as generous in portion and delicious too!

I am so incredibly thankful to have found Prairie Cafe today and I will continue to return for the wonderful food, the sensational selection and value, the impeccably clean and tidy counter, the option to dine in or outside and for the friendly service. I have definitely found my new go-to cafe! And can you believe they have drive-though coffee? This is a dream come true!
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