Ravenswood Hotel.

OPENING HOURS: 7 Days a week for Lunch & Dinner
ADDRESS:Lot 65 Lloyd Ave, Ravenswood WA
PHONE:(08) 9537 6054

On Saturday, the American and I called into the Ravenswood Hotel on our way home from the Pinjarra fair. With the weather being so sunny we wanted to enjoy a long, lazy lunch and a glass of wine in the sunshine, so we opted for a table outside along the river. It was really busy, but we were lucky to find a perfect spot near the entrance. We went to the bar and ordered our drinks, which were really well priced- a glass of Oyster Bay SSB and bottle of Rogers was $13. Considering how busy the place was, we were served quickly and the girls were friendly. We grabbed a couple of menus on the way back to our table so that we could take our time choosing as the menu was HUGE!

IMG_9525After much thought, I chose the Sesame Crusted Chicken Salad with roasted pumpkin, onion, cherry tomato, baby spinach, pine-nuts and a sticky mustard dressing. ($21) The American was hungry so ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger which was described as a grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and cheese with a sweet chilli aioli, served on a crusty roll with chips. ($17) The Ravenswood Hotel doesn’t offer table service, which is understandable as it is a pretty big venue with lots of indoor seating in the bar, a separate restaurant and also outside near the river.  We had to line up in the restaurant to place our order and were a bit concerned that the food would take a long time as the line was so long to order.

IMG_9521We were pleasantly surprised when not even 15 minutes later our buzzer sounded to tell us our meals were ready to be collected from inside. When the American came back to the table I was so pleasantly surprised. Both meals were huge! We both tucked into our meal straight away as we were not only hungry but they each looked so appealing. My chicken was slightly overcooked and a little dry, but the flavour of the honey mustard dressing was enough to hide it. I was certainly not disappointed. Scott commented that his too was a little dry but delicious. His burger was large and accompanied by a satisfying serve of golden chips.

We had a perfect afternoon at the Ravenswood Hotel, drinking wine, indulging in delicious food and being amongst a vibrant, casual atmosphere.

Thanks for having us Ravo!
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