Brassica- Short North

OPENING HOURS: 11am - 10pm every day 
ADDRESS: 680 N. High St. Columbus, OH
PHONE:(614) 867 5885

We stumbled upon Brassica by accident after the cafe we had originally set out to eat at was ridiculous busy. But now, after experiencing Brassica, we know it was fate and not by chance that we met! We attempted to walk straight past it, in pursuit of the next Columbus Cafe on our bucket list, but with the scent of “fresh spices” that poured out from the doorway, we couldn’t resist!

Brassica is a “chipotle style” Lebanese sandwich and salad restaurant is situated on N High Street in Columbus. It is family owned and features organic, whole wheat pita, artisan tahini and organic chickpeas, antibiotic free meats and is proudly associated with a tremendous network of local growers & craft brewers.

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On this particular day, although the sun was shining it was still fairly brisk outside, which made the indoor seating pretty popular and crowded. It was relatively busy anyhow, so we decided to post up out the back on the patio and enjoyed the rays of sunshine. The outdoor seating area, although almost in the public car park, is set up with outdoor tables, benches and umbrellas and is nestled amongst cute sculptures by local artists. It was so relaxing enjoying our meal in the sunshine. My only feedback would be that there were no outdoor trash cans for when we finished our meals (that we could see) and we felt guilty leaving our trays and trash on the benches outside.

The young girl who served us was so patient and helpful. When we walked in we asked how we order and she was quick to welcome us when she realised it waster first time eating at Brassica. She explained it to be “chipotle style” in that you build your salad or sandwich to suit your taste and desires. Our server, who noted quite early in our conversation that I was a health enthusiast (today the least) explained each of the items available and even began explaining the main ingredients plus how it is made. It was because of her service and knowledge that I was able to build the healthiest and most delicious pita sandwich possible to mankind!

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The menu is small, but has something for everyone (including fries I later found out after researching their menu!) You start by choosing your base: a salad bowl, a pita sandwich, or a hummus plate. Then you select your “protein” either falafel, chicken, brisket, glazed bacon or vegetable. You continue to build your salad or sandwich by choosing from their sides which include but are not limited to roasted cauliflower, pickles, cucumber, cabbage, crispy onions, feta, beets and so much more. Then you top it off with a selection of different sauces.

I opted for the chicken pita sandwich, which acts as the base of what was to be my creation. I had the pita bread smothered in baba, which is similar to hummus only that it is made from eggplant rather than chickpeas. I then added mixed greens, slow roasted chicken shawarma with aromatics & warm spices. From here I selected my vegetables: sweet beets, pickled red cabbage, marinated eggplant and cauliflower. I topped it with a thin drizzle of roasted red pepper sauce. YUM!

Not only was the venue extremely clean and well organised, it also offered a bar style set up towards the back, making this place not only a great lunch spot but a great place to “catch up” or celebrate too. But, enough about the venue, have you seen a more colourful sandwich? The colors were amazing, especially the perfectly spiced and flavored vegetables. Each sandwich is made using a metal ring holder so as the keep your sandwich in place, making it easier to stuff and eat and then placed onto a tray for easy transportation!

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I cannot find the words to explain how incredible this meal was! You could tell the produce was fresh and sourced locally as it was so flavourful, colourful and delectable. The combination of spices and flavours were a little foreign to me, but a welcomed surprise. YUM!

Scott’s pita was A LOT bigger than mine, my mistake! Rookie error on my behalf. The vegetables are ordered in rows of three and I assumed I could choose only one from each row, so my pita wasn’t as “full” as it could have been. (What a shame, I’ll have to come back again! haha )
I should have said to my server what I was thinking which was “I’ll try everything on offer”. However in saying that, it was still value for money and enough to fill my belly… I think I just wanted more because it was so delicious!

Less than $20 for 2 people.

I am looking forward to returning to Brassica in the near future as there are so many options on their menu that I want to try! The convenience of this venue  is perfect for our busy lifestyle too. I hate to say this but it is almost like an upmarket fast food choice- which makes it affordable, easy and casual. The venue, food and service is NOTHING like fast food though, in which it is clean, comfortable, cheerful and healthy!

If you haven’t yet tried Brassica, you are missing out!

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