CoreLife Eatery- Polaris.

OPENING HOURS: 11am to 9pm daily
ADDRESS: 8742 Sancus Blvd. Columbus, OH
PHONE:(614) 827 3376

img_5061After months of insta-stalking and following CoreLife Eatery on Facebook, we were invited to the much awaited VIP opening at CoreLife Eatery in Polaris Town Centre. As a self-proclaimed fit-foodie, I am always on the lookout for cafes, restaurants and take-out joints that offer healthy, nutritious and of course delicious foods too. How pleased I was to have come across CoreLife Eatery as their philosophy matches mine so perfectly!

CoreLife Eatery aims to bring clean, healthy and great tasting foods to everyone every day. They feature hearty bowls that are complete meals in themselves featuring greens, grains and bone broths. All of their ingredients are free of GMO’s, trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners and other artificial additives. The chicken and steak used in all CoreLife Eateries are sustainably raised, and free from antibiotics and hormones. When possible, CoreLife supports local growers and even change-up their menu to offer what’s in season in that area! How good is that?

Not only did CoreLife Eatery impress me on paper, but the meal lived up to everything they described it to be!

As we entered the building, we were greeted by the owner who directed us to the menu boards which help to create the line/queue towards the front counter. Each of the CoreLife offerings were explained in details on three different boards: one for salad bowls, one for grain bowls and one for broth bowls. This made the line fast-moving as we could decide what we wanted prior to reaching the “creation station”. The counter set up was easy to navigate with clean glass covering the foods, although an open kitchen at the back of the serving area when we could view the proteins being grilled. The seating was set up with a variety of simple yet comfortable tables and chairs and the interior decor was clean and crisp with a bright color scheme.

Considering we were at the VIP grand opening of the Westerville location, I assumed there would be some teething issues and expected some stressed servers or serious wait times…but that was not the case! We were not only greeted by the owner/manager who spent some time with us explaining the menu and concept of Core Life, but the servers that then took our orders and built our bowls for us were calm, confident and very pleasant. Throughout our meals we were approached by two different servers to check up on us to ensure that we were satisfied with our meals and if there was anything else we needed.

MENU 4/5
Now although I had the option of building my own bowl, there were so many delicious options to choose from that I didn’t even bother! Well, that and the fact that the calorie and macro count was provided both online and on their menu boards which made my selection so much easier. I opted for the Spicy Chicken & Ancient Grain bowl (300cals). This consisted of warm quinoa, grilled chicken, Sriracha  shredded kale, broccoli, carrots, raw beets and scallions. The suggested dressing was the lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette (190cals), which I chose to have on the side so that I could add as much or as little as I liked. I am really glad I did this as it allowed me to taste the fresh ingredients in their entirety, besides- I really only added a drop so that I could say I tried it.
Scott chose the Steak, Bacon & Bleu Cheese Bowl (400cals) which had chopped romaine and mesclun mix, grass-fed steak, bacon, cranberries, walnuts, tomatoes and gorgonzola. He had them toss the salad in the suggested Cranberry Vinaigrette (250cals) which he commented was super sweet and tasty, but almost too overpowering. Next time he said he would ask for it on the side too so that he could adjust it to suit his taste.

The salad and grain bowls were served in reusable melamine bowls, which were presented on individual serving trays with a plastic cup and a half slice of bread. After checking out at the counter, we passed a serving stand where we could pick up napkins, silverware and further condiments. It was here also that the drink cooler stands were with six or seven  varieties of fresh juices, tea and coffee. I chose the coconut water fruit punch, which was deliciously sweet and Scott went for the cranberry & cayenne iced tea.  The meals were so very colourful- the photos do not do them justice!
Less than $20 for 2 people.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at CoreLife Eatery. It made for the perfect Friday night meal for us. It is casual enough in that we could meet there straight from work for a quick meal that left us feeling satisfied without overeating either! I personally love that I can rely on a “fast-food” place to grab that fast food meal, without worrying about the quality of the produce or the nutritional value. I cannot wait to return and try a broth bowl.
Next Friday perhaps!

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