First Watch- Polaris.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sun: 7am-2.30pm
ADDRESS: 2103 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH
PHONE:(614) 846-2738

To celebrate Scott’s birthday, we decided to have a delicious post workout breakfast! Our cafe of choice was First Watch, as it is located directly opposite our gym. The interior, although plain, was made bright by the friendly and cheery service we received from the minute we step foot into the cafe. The waiter who showed us to our table complimented by accent and ensured we were comfortable in the table he chose, before sending off for our waitress and much needed coffee.

When our waitress arrived, she was more than happy to accommodate our endless coffee order and wait for us whilst I asked a million questions about the menu. In the end, we opted for two omelettes. I went for the Healthy Turkey whilst Scott ordered the Acapulco Express.

Whilst we waited for our meal, we enjoyed the coffee plus an assortment of different flavoured milks we could add: hazelnut, vanilla, half/half, full- you name it, they had it! The temperature inside the cafe was perfect- not too hot (we were still kinda hot from our workout) but not too cold in that we were uncomfortable. Before we knew it, our meals had arrived.

Scott’s omelette consisted of chorizo sausage, avocado, green chilies, house-roasted onions, cheddar and monterey jack and topped with sour cream. It was served with a side of house made salsa, potatoes and a fruit salad. Our only complaint was that the fruit salad was really small, but other then that, Scott was happy with his selection. My Healthy Turkey meal was made up of an  ALL egg white omelet with diced turkey, house-roasted onions, tomatoes, spinach and feta. It was served along side an English muffin and a small tin of jam- not that I needed it as I covered my muffin with omelette!

We were both happy with our relatively healthy meals. I know my order was one of the healthiest on the menu- sitting at around 330 calories.  It was nice to eat out without spoiling our eating plans and routines. We left completely satisfied- not eating too much or feeling hungry! And how nice was it to go out for unlimited coffee, have a meal each and pay only a little of $20 for both of us!

Thanks for having us First Watch.
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