Pizza Fire- Westerville.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sun 11am - 10pm
ADDRESS:127 West Schrock Road, Westerville, OH 43081
PHONE:(614) 423-8594
Tonight, my husband Scott & I were treated to dinner at Pizza Fire in Westerville. Jordan, the new GM at this location, invited us to come in and try their super delicious, ultra fast (literally 180seconds), fire-baked pizza! I had heard such great things about this place and I was delighted to finally give it a try myself. All day I was thinking up what to put on my “build-your-own” pizza and salad, only to arrive in store to be told that I would be receiving the VIP treatment in sampling their “Pizza of the Month” for August, a day ahead of anyone else. In fact, the staff had only sampled it 15 minutes before us! How cool is that?
But first things first.
Pizza Fire is located on Schrock Road in Westerville, in the same complex as Kroger and Fitness 19. The ambience and decor is nothing to write home about as it is just your typical take out joint rather than a restaurant. Although, in saying that, the store is clean, spacious, and provides plenty of table or bar seating which caters for strollers/wheelchairs also. Plus, the location provides plenty of parking bays at a short distance to the store front.
On arrival, we were greeted at the front counter by the friendly staff who were all more than willing to help fulfill our pizza requests. Jordan (the young & clearly passionate GM) not only hooked us up with the August Pizza of the Month, a day before it is released to the general public, but he also shared with us the history and background facts about Pizza Fire. I was far too intrigued to learn how Pizza Fire differs from the other pizza stores popping up in the area.
Fun fact #1: Did you know that Pizza Fire grows their lettuce and basil fresh “in house”. In fact they source their produce from Cleveland and Columbus for continual growth as their own.
Fun Fact #2: All their products are completely Non GMO (and proud).
Fun Fact #3: All their chicken is cooked in house and then dressed accordingly (buffalo, breaded etc)
Fun Fact #4: Their delicious 11/12″ pizza bases can be made both vegan and/or gluten free. Talk about catering for everyone!
Fun Fact #5: Everything is made from scratch, including their sauces.
Our pizzas were brought over to us at our table in no time at all- I cannot believe how quickly these pizzas cook! Cooked to my exact liking too. Soft in the middle and yet so perfectly crisp on the crust. Half way through devouring out meals (which also took us no time at all) we were checked on by the staff members to ensure we were happy with our meals and to ensure there was no additions we were wanting to make.
 MENU 5/5
For the health conscious, you will be ecstatic to know that on the Pizza Fire website, they have a complete list of their ingredients and signature pizzas and a nutritional calculator too so that you can easily determine the macros of your pizza or salad. Fist pump moment!
Scott went for a signature pizza “The Hollywood” which consisted of free-range chicken, roasted red peppers & roasted garlic on their house made basil pesto sauce. However, he decided to change it up a little (why not… you can build your own!) with meatballs instead of chicken and adding mushrooms and red onions too! Great choice must I say… and it looked fabulous too!
Me? I was treated to the “Pizza of the Month” for August… (insert drum roll please)… ‘RANCH LOVERS’.
August’s signature pizza consists of their very own bacon ranch dressing, topped with spicy chorizo, shredded mozzarella & roasted red potatoes. It is then sprinkled with ranch seasoning and finished with roasted ranch almonds and caramelized onions.
This pizza, or should I say the chef’s, Sean Brauser & Bruno DiFabio, were awarded the 2004- America’s Best Gourmet Pizza’ for this recipe at the World Pizza Champions competition in Italy.
I was so far out of my comfort zone. Never in a million years would I have ordered a “ranch” pizza with potatoes and almonds on it. But boy was I glad I did! The flavors were a party for my tastebuds- the combination of saltiness of the chorizo and sweetness of the caramelized onions was explosive and I couldn’t get enough.
As I didn’t build my own pizza, I opted to build my own salad. It was obvious that the ingredients were fresh as they were crisp and flavorful even without dressing. 

At $7.99- $8.49 for a pizza… how can you go wrong?
I urge you to head into Pizza Fire in Westerville and be sure to mention that you were referred by as I am sure Jordan and his staff would be more than happy to look after you. They offer amazing deals for fundraising events, corporate functions and any special event so get in touch to find out how they can assist you! With so many customizable options  and fresh ingredients on the menu, there is certainly something for everyone. I personally may have to return each month to sample the “Pizza of the Month”…just saying!

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