Red Robin Gourmet Burgers- Easton.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thu:11am-10pm | Fri-Sat:11am-11pm | Sun:11am-9:30pm
ADDRESS: 3977 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH
PHONE:(614) 475-5200

IMG_5831I couldn’t have been more prepared or excited about dining at Red Robins Gourmet Burgers in Easton today!

Knowing that we were going to enjoy lunch here, I jumped online to check out the healthiest (yet equally delicious) options available here. I was so excited to find that Red Robin has an entire section on their website dedicated to nutrition. Not only can you find the calorie count and macros of their menu items, but you can actually modify, add and substitute items so that you can get an accurate description and count of what you are consuming.

After being shown to our booth and ordering ice waters for the table, it didn’t take us long to place our order. A) I had already decided and calculated my macros by using the RR website and B) Scott almost always orders a burger with bacon and pickles wherever we dine so being in a gourmet burger bar, he was in heaven.

I ordered the Ensenada Chicken Platter- 1 piece ($9.99) which consisted of a fire-grilled chicken breast basted with authentic Mexican seasonings, topped with fresh salsa and creamy salsa-ranch and served with a side salad. I ordered the dressing on the side which cut down my calories a fair amount as I hardly touched it. As you can see from my above screenshot from the RR website- my total calories was 178 with the macros as follows: 6g F| 9g C| 24g P. How happy was I?!

IMG_5833Scott ordered the Smoke & Pepper Burger ($13.49) which was a toasted ciabatta bun, topped with a beef patty, black-pepper bacon and cheddar cheese with house-made smoke & pepper ketchup. It came with bottomless steak fries which seemed appealing from the menu, but in reality was just annoying. Unfortunately the initial serve they give you is pretty small (all of about 15-20 fries if that!) and although our waitress was relatively quick to notice them gone, the refill took time and was of a similar portion. After having them replaced twice (which was actually just like receiving a side portion at a normal restaurant) we left it at that.

All in all our meal and service was good. I wished I had ordered the double breast option for an extra $2 as I am a greedy guts and wanted more as it was so tasty and flavourful. I loved that I could customise my meal and get the exact/accurate macros which made my decision making so much easier and enjoyable.
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Any thoughts/comments?

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