Texas Roadhouse- Polaris.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Thurs: 4pm-10pm | Fri- Sun: 11am-11pm
ADDRESS: 8440 Lyra Drive, Columbus, OH
PHONE:(614) 436 8300

Last night Scott and I decided to head out for a meal. We were a little undecided where to go as I wanted somewhere that offered relatively healthy meals, so that I could enjoy a “cheat” without sacrificing my week of hard work. After googling menus of some local grills, we decided to try the Texas Roadhouse in Polaris. Scott can remember eating at a TRH prior to his Aussie adventure and was keen to revisit it to grab an order of his favourite appetiser the “Cactus Blossom.”

On arrival we were greeted at the door by a friendly server who quickly showed us to our booth in the front corner. My first impression was in thinking that the restaurant was untidy as there were peanut shells on the floor through the entrance, but as we were waking through the “Texas” themed steakhouse I saw that each table had on it a complimentary bucket of peanuts. How cool! So once I knew why the shells caught my attention, I was equally impressed by the meals that I saw as I glanced at each table.

We order out drinks right away, Scott with a pint of beer and a glass of red for myself. We looked over the menu and ordered once our server returned with our drinks. I ordered the Grilled BBQ Chicken Dinner ($9.99) but with the BBQ sauce on the side, which came with the choice of two sides. I chose the house salad with Italian dressing on the side and the grilled vegetables. Scott ordered the Cactus Blossom ($5.99) as his appetiser which is essentially a huge onion that has been sliced and fried and served with a horse radish dipping sauce. He then chose the Pulled Pork Dinner ($9.99) which also came with two sides. I was expecting him to go with the loaded potato or the mac and cheese or even the steak fries but I guess he was being good tonight as he too opted for the salad and vegetables.

Our server brought out bread rolls and some of their infamous cinnamon butter. I didn’t try any myself, but Scott said it was the best! Within moments our appetiser and salads had arrived. I could hardly believe it was described as a side serve. It was huge! The salad consisted of fresh mixed greens, cheddar cheese, tomato, eggs and croutons.

Next up were our meals which came out directly after we had finished our salads. Each was generous in portion size and equally delicious. My chicken was beautifully grilled, tender and moist. It was nice to know that it isn’t remade in the BBQ sauce and that I could order the sauce on the side. Scott couldn’t even eat all of his pork, I blame the bread rolls and appetiser but hey- I guess we could have shared a meal after all!

Will we return to Texas Roadhouse? Of course. I couldn’t fault it!
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