Cafe Royal.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Tues:6.30am-3pm | Wed-Sun: 6.30am-late
ADDRESS:Unit 2,19 Junction Boulevard Cockburn Central  
PHONE:(08) 9417 4441

On Wednesday I had my first post-op check up with my surgeon at Bethesda Hospital in Claremont. Since it is a fair hike from Mandurah, I decided to treat my mumma and nurse at the moment, to brunch on the way up. I chose Cafe Royal for two reasons:
1) The location- being located right near the Cockburn Central train station, it made for a quick detour off the freeway and allowed us to stop half way through our trek to Claremont! And…
2) I had a scoopon which allowed us to choose any two breakfasts off  the entire menu and two mugs of coffee for $25

IMG_1155I had made a reservation a few days earlier for 9.30am. When we arrived mum dropped me right at the door (as I am unable  to walk too far at the moment) whilst she found a FREE car park just down the road. The staff greeted me friendly and showed me to our reserved table, checking that I was able t walk that distance or if there was somewhere I would rather sit. The position was perfect, away from the front counter and within sight of the bar. The venue was obviously new with gorgeous dark wood furniture and finishings, mis-matched seating of high throne looking chairs, low stools with no backs for those waiting for take aways, bar tables and chairs for the evenings and then dining tables and chairs for those enjoying a meal.

We looked over the menu then placed our order. Although there was so much to choose from, I opted for the Breakfast Bruschetta ($21.50)  and mum chose the Fritters ($18.50) with both of us ordering a flat white ($4.50ea).

IMG_1156Our coffees were the first to arrive. I was happy from the get go, they were large, extra hot and the perfect version of a flat white. Nothing annoys me more than ordering a flat white and getting a cappuccino without the chocolate dusting! I complimented our waitress who I had seen making the coffees and she was so happy I acknowledged it. She was polite and happy to have a chat, even wishing me well on my recovery after seeing my moon boots under the table. She even came back to scan my scope code so that I didn’t have to get up and scan it at the counter- now thats service!

IMG_1159Not too much later, the chef delivered our meals to our table. My order of  breakfast bruschetta was presented beautifully. The base was sliced toasted turkish bread topped with mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese and poached eggs with an avocado and balsamic glaze. The portion was impressive with so much bread I couldn’t eat it all! Mum’s dish didn’t come with bread so she was happy to demolish the rest 🙂

FullSizeRender 7Mum’s fritters were equally impressive both in presentation and portion size. Now I didn’t try them so I can’t comment but mum thoroughly enjoyed them immensely and kept commenting on the delicious avocado and sweet chilli dip that accompanied them.
The fritters were made of zucchini, potato and corn and were served with rocket leaves, poached eggs and dukkah.

Mum and I were so happy with out experience at Cafe Royal and would have bee n regardless if we had used a voucher or not. Obviously it was an absolute bargain as my meal and coffee alone exceeded the $25 I spent on the voucher, but with or without the voucher we would have been more than happy with the price, service and experience.

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Any thoughts/comments?

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