Cafe2twentyfour- Belmont.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Fri: 7am-3pm | Sat-Sun: 7.30am-3pm
ADDRESS: 224 Belmont Avenue, Cloverdale, Perth

IMG_4667During the week, I stumbled across some incredible food pics on instagram. Yes- majority of them were of massive honeycomb milkshakes and decorative pancake stacks (neither of which I eat) but there was also the odd incredibly amazing looking breakfast dishes. After doing more research AKA stalking of this business, I found that the cafe was known as “Cafe 2twentyfour” and due to the hype on Zomato and on instagram, I knew I had to find this cafe.

Having  recently open it’s doors in Belmont (and the American and I living almost an hour away) we worked it into our busy schedule and planned for Sunday brunch/lunch. The American was playing baseball in Vic Park so we could make it work. (SIDE NOTE: this cafe would have been “call in a sickie” worthy but luckily it didn’t have to come to that!)

Conveniently located adjacent to Belmont Forum, we expected the worst in that we wouldn’t be able to a parking spot- it is the silly season after all! But luck and perfect timing was on our side as parking was a breeze and better yet it was free! As we walked into corner cafe we were delighted by the atmosphere and happiness of the customers. The whole place had such a great feel and walking through the tables to get to the counter for a menu was so enjoyable- I love looking at everyones food choices to help me make my decision! The waffles were overwhelming, the breakfasts were so generous in portion size and the milkshakes seemed to be a real hit!

FullSizeRender 5As we found a table for two outside in the breeze we began to look over the menu to decide what we were going to enjoy. Even though the brunch and lunch menus were extensive and had so many options for the health conscious, kids meals and those wanting to indulge- the main counter was filled with fresh salads, homemade cakes, slices, cookies and also remade baguettes and pennons to cater for those on their lunch break or in a hurry. Wow- safe to say this was no easy decision.

FullSizeRender 3Scott opted for a long black and the Pulled Beef Pannini with fresh cut chips ($19.90), whilst I went for my predictable order of the Vego breakfast ($15.90). It was nice sitting outside and watching even more delicious things come out of the kitchen. It’s aways reassuring when every dish that comes out looks appealing as you know that whatever you’ve ordered is going to be great! Sccott enjoyed his coffee, which had a complementary tiny teddy cookie sitting on the spoon- how sweet!

After a long wait of 20-30minutes, we noticed that others who arrived after us were already eating their meals, so I went up to the counter to ask where our order was. The waitress was so polite and quickly checked with the kitchen staff. She reassured us that they were plating it up now and sincerely apologised for our wait, acknowledging that we had been waiting longer than necessary. She offered us a complimentary coffee whilst we were waiting. Although we declined, it was so nice to receive great, genuine service that cared about our dining experience.

Our meals were out within minutes and boy were they worth the wait! Scott’s Pulled Beef Pannini was huge and my vego breakfast was double the size of what I was expecting. Two large slices of toasted quinoa loaf was topped with braised mushrooms, wilted spinach, two perfectly poached eggs, asparagus spears and shredded parmesan. I don’t often share, but I did give Scott a taste so that he could understand how insane this dish was.

We finished everything on our plates and were more than satisfied. It was both a positive and negative hat the American had a baseball game after as I’m sure he would have gone for the pancakes (which I wouldn’t have been abel to refuse) and we would have most definitely have split a milkshake and malteaser slice. Those who know me well, know that I am very strict on my eating – but I do think this cafe would have got the better of me! It was all so delicious and inviting.

I cannot recommend this cafe enough. From the price to the service to the quality and portion size, to the taste, ambience and convenience!
Thanks for having us Cafe 2twentyfour and all the best x
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