Jamie’s Italian.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm
ADDRESS:140 William Street, Perth CBD
PHONE:(08) 9363 8600

IMG_2569After our fabulous afternoon at the Italian Wine & Food Festival held in Perth City, we decided to go out for a meal before catching the train home. Once again we were keen to try somewhere new and decided to stick to the “Italian” theme by choosing to dine at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant – Jamie’s Italian. The fact that it was close to the train station was a bonus and with so many mixed reviews, we were pretty keen to give it a try.

We weren’t surprised when we entered that we were told there was a small wait for a table, so the waitress showed us to the bar whilst she organised our table. This was a smart way to make customers buy a drink as we had only just sat down with my glass of Rose and The American with his Aperol Spritz before the waitress showed us to our table.

IMG_2565We were given the rather larger (and terribly tacky) menus and told where to look for the specials of the day. Although our waitress was polite,  she wasn’t overly friendly or hospitable. Yes they were busy, but they always are so the staff should be used to the pressure by now.

The American was predictable in ordering the “Jamie’s Burger” ($21) and a side of polenta chips ($8). Whilst I opted for the Seasonal Vegetables Plank ($10.95) as our shared entree and the Mushroom and Mozzarella Risotto ($14.95) for my main, yet in an entrée size.

IMG_2573Our starting Vegetable Plank arrived first and was displayed neatly, rested upon two diced tomatoes tins so as to elevate it off the table. The plank was huge in size, but with very little actually on it. The platter had one small ball of buffalo mozzarella, a small bowl of chargrilled and marinated winter vegetables, a crunchy grated salad and a mini bruschetta.To be honest, the olives tasted like store-bought and it is likely that most of this platter came out of a jar! Unfortunately our expectations were too high perhaps and we were a little nervous as the what our mains would be like.

IMG_2576There was a fairly lengthy waiting time between our entrée and mains and I was starving so it probably seemed a lot longer than it actually was. Jamie’s Italian, although it has an upbeat ambience, it is rather loud which made conversation a little difficult. When our meals arrived we could hardly wait to get into them. Scott’s burger was presented alone on a wooden board, a wide of fries or salad would have complimented it nicely (especially for the price!)IMG_2577

The burger was a chargrilled beef burger with melted fontina cheese in a brioche bun with fried onion rings and grilled mortadella.
Although Scott enjoyed it, he did mention that the pickle was tasteless and he could have eaten more! We shared the polenta chips, which were absolutely delicious, just lacking in quantity! As you can see in my photo, there would have been no more than ten polenta cubes in the small bowl.

IMG_2575My mushroom and mozzarella risotto was actually fairly decent in portion size, considering it was an entrée portion. The waitress commented when I ordered saying that entrée is only 75g, but being risotto I didn’t think I needed a bigger serving as it is usually quite heavy and think. This risotto was cooked really well, with a soft and fluffy yet thick texture, although the flavours were a little bland.

All-in-all our first (and most likely) last dining experience was neither good nor bad. Nothing happened that made our night unpleasant. I guess we just expected a little too much of the place and didn’t think the prices matched the quality and quantity.
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