Little Bird Cafe

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Fri: 8am-43pm  Sat & Sun: 8am-4pm
ADDRESS:100 Lake Street, Northbridge WA 6003
PHONE:(08) 9228 2483

On Saturday morning, two friends and I ventured into Northbridge in search of the Little Bird Cafe. I follow an instagram account that frequently captures images of the gourmet dishes served at LBC so I had decided it was time that I saw it for myself! Of course my two girlfriends Torey and Sarah didn’t put up a fight either 🙂

On arrival we found our reserved table that was easily recognisable with my name and time printed on brown paper. The table was set with gorgeous fresh flowers, a mini bird cage to hold the sugars and of course the usual menus and cutlery.  It was very cute inside, with a vintage yet clean sleek style that reminded me of a living room type set up- with ample seating at tables and chairs but then couches and crates throughout also. LBC also  a quaint little courtyard situated outside surrounded with potted plants and creeping vines to suit all weather and catchups needs!

After admiring our surroundings and reading over the menu, we went up to the front counter to order. On my way up I saw jugs filled with cold water and many different combinations of sliced fruit that customers were encouraged to take back to their tables. We chose strawberries, cucumber and lemon- how delicious! Not many places offer flavoured water at no cost.
There was a fairly lengthy line at the counter to order but patrons didn’t seem to mind as the counter was laid with the most decadent of sweets and treats. The gourmet cakes available for purchase, either whole (be preorder) or by the slice made my mouth water. We all commented that we may have to return again to indulge in a slice of house-made cake or a raw-some slice. Yes- they are a “Raw-some” stockist also!  I placed my order of skinny cap and poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast- it took all my strength not to order that peanut butter cookie dough slice! The waitress was very polite and chirpy and made pleasant conversation with all the customers, which made the wait bearable.

Our coffees arrive first, my skinny cappuccino had gorgeous barista art that looked almost too good to drink. It was served extra hot and extra large- exactly what this little lady needed today! Without too long of a wait (considering the packed cafe) our meals arrived. It is always a hold-your-breath moment to see if they all come out at once- especially when we ordered and paid separately, yet they did. Perfect!

The girls enjoyed the breakfast bruschetta whilst I devoured the poached eggs & avocado combo. The bruschetta was presented beautifully and it was a decent serving too of bacon, avocado, green leaves, goat’s cheese and tomatoes served on top of  sourdough toast. I built my own breakfast (meaning it wasn’t on the menu) and I was pleasantly surprised when it came out with a small side serving of tomato chutney to accompany my order. What a delight! The people at the table next to us had ordered the buckwheat pancakes, I now know what I will be ordering next time. It came out looking like an art masterpiece with a generous serving of fresh fruit, cashew cream, maple syrup and flower petals to top it off.

I must return promptly to Little Bird Cafe, with The American in tow, in order to try the pancakes or a slice of cake. Don’t take my word though- you will have to check it out for yourself!

For those interested in clean eating or ‘raw’ options- LBC is a proud a supplier of “Rawsome” treats. For those not so concerned with the nutritional values but interested in pleasuring the tastebuds- the selection of cakes, muffins, slices and cookies looked sensational. Little Bird Cafe is a must-try if you are in the Perth Metro area.

Thanks for having us Little Bird Cafe- I’ll be back!

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