Moments Cafe- Joondalup.

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Fri: 7am-4pm |Sat: CLOSED | Sun: 8am-2pm
ADDRESS:3/47 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup. WA
PHONE:(08) 9301 4800

IMG_2192On Sunday, the American and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast. After a massive night at a friends wedding, staying over at the Joondalup Resort and sleeping in as much as our hyperactive bodies would let us…we were starving and wanted a big breakfast. I had already “zomatoed” cafes in and around Joondalup and was desperate to try Moments Cafe on Davidson Terrace. We arrived just after 9am and able to secure a parking bay right out front as the entire street was like a ghost town. We had to look twice to see if the cafe was open as no one was occupying the tables and chairs out front- although it was fairly miserable out so I can’t blame them!

Long Black

Long Black

We were greeted at the door by the friendly owner who pointed us to the only free table for two in the whole place (not that it is overly big!) All the other tables were either reserved or occupied. We were so thankful to have gotten a spot and it must have been our lucky day as many people arrived straight after us and were turned away, or offered a table outside. The interior is certainly quaint and cosy with it’s mismatch furniture, a wall painted completely with moustaches of different types and some crazy cool chairs hanging from the roof. In no time at all, we were given a menu to look over and our coffee orders taken. I was craving a freshly squeezed juice, but unfortunately they only have prepackaged juice in their fridge so I just sipped water whilst the American enjoyed his Fiori branded long black.

IMG_2189The menu was very impressive with lots of options that took our fancy. Each item had a photo displayed with it too, which made choosing a lot easier for me, who is normally so indecisive! The American opted for the French Toast ($17.50) which much to his excitement was described as sided with bacon, maple syrup and berries as part of the normal order- he didn’t even have to alter the menu item 🙂 I chose the Vego- breakfast ($16.50) although I was hoping I wouldn’t regret choosing it over the pancakes!

When they arrived at our table, we were like kids in a candy store! The presentation, quantity and taste was incredible and we tucked into it straight away. The French Toast was so pretty with swirls of berry compote and cinnamon dusting over the entire plate. Biting into it, was like biting into a doughnut, so fluffy and “cake like”. There was a very generous serve of bacon on top and the maple syrup was served in a small jug on the side to suit all taste buds, not that any was left over with the American and his sweet tooth!

Vego Breakfast

Vego Breakfast

My veg-breakfast was HUGE! When asked how I wanted my egg, I asked for poached and assumed I would only get one, as I’m sure our waitress such “egg” so you can imagine how pleased I was with two PERFECTLY poached eggs. I got a whole grilled tomato, mushrooms, delicious toasted turkish bread, hash browns and spinach leaves. I always appreciate when spinach leaves are served in a separate dish so as the rest of my food doesn’t get soggy from the juices. Although I don’t eat hash browns, the American devoured them and decided that they were as good if not better than Macdonald’s hash browns (which are apparently really good?!) I must admit I do enjoy a homemade potato roti/ hash and would usually complain if served canned baked beans- but this dish totally suited the cafe and the price.

The cafe was so homely and friendly and was like dining with friends in their lounge room. The place was busy yet the staff were attentive and able to keep up with the demand of the customers all whilst wearing a smile! I ordered a Long Black to go and was delighted that it came in a “long mac” sized take away cup and was served extra hot as I requested.

Although we don’t often frequent Joondalup as we live in Mandurah, we were so pleased we stopped in and would recommend it to anyone in the area.
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