Sapore Espresso Bar

OPENING HOURS: Mon- Fri: 7am-3pm  Sat & Sun: 8am-3pm
ADDRESS:275 Belmont Ave, Belmont WA 6105
PHONE:(08) 9478 1615

This morning, my girlfriends and I crossed another  cafe off our “must try” list. Today’s cafe of choice was SAPORE ESPRESSO BAR in Belmont, located opposite the Belmont Shopping Centre.  From the very start, I knew this place would be a success. Upon deciding on Sapore Bar for our next catch up over a fortnight ago, I called ahead and tried to make a reservation. Although I was told bookings were not accepted on weekends, I was not disappointed as the kind receiver of my call advised that they are busiest on Sunday mornings or after 10am on Saturdays, so our date at 9am shouldn’t disappoint.

Parking was convenient and in abundance, I practically parked at the front door. I was the first to arrive of my friends, so I walked in to try and grab us a table. The barista welcomed me as I entered and let me have a pick of the unoccupied tables. One of the staff came over and asked how many people I was expecting this morning and went and got four menus for the table. He advised that we order and pay at the counter, yet offered my a coffee whilst I waited for the others. I am secretly glad that I arrived early, to give me time to study the menu- it was rather extensive for a small venue! Everything sounded amazing and as I watched the plates come out of the kitchen, everything looked just as good too!

Sapporo offer delicious home cooked and locally sourced produce to ensure every item on their menu is fresh and delicious. They make their own baked beans, hash browns, fritters and muffins. They have lots of reading material available too, for those dining alone or keen to have a casual visit.

After the girls arrived, we all decided to each try something different on the menu so we could all get a little taste test of everything. Sarah opted for the Red Velvet Pancakes, Torey the Tomato, Avocado and Bacon Panini, Krystal went for the Corn Fritters whilst I selected the Dukkah poached eggs on sourdough toast.

After placing our order at the counter, it wasn’t long before our drinks arrived. My long mac was perfection! Extra hot and strong, just the way I like it! Torey had a freshly squeezed customised juice- strawberry, watermelon and apple. It came served in a gorgeous mason jar with the sweetest decorations too! The mug of cappuccino was a decent size mug and the girls commented that their coffee was incredible also! When our meals arrived (and all at the same time-winning!!) we were each so very happy with how it was presented and tasted. The serves were huge, in fact the girls couldn’t even finish theirs. Don’t worry- I finished my entire plate! It was too delicious to leave a single rocket leaf! We each and a little taste test of each others and I would have been happy had I of ordered any of these dishes. The pancakes (although not my thing) were deliciously displayed with berries, chocolate sauce, cream cheese and ice-cream, yet it wasn’t overpowering or too sweet. I would recommend them for sure!


Sapore Espresso Bar on UrbanspoonThe staff, service, food, decor and general atmosphere of Sapore Espresso Bar was amazing and our entire morning was perfect! I would most definitely recommend this espresso bar for anyone with an appetite for good food at a very affordable price!



Any thoughts/comments?

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