Tsunami Japanese Restaurant.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday- Sunday: 5pm-10pm
ADDRESS:18 Glyde St, Mosman Park
PHONE:(08) 9284 7788

IMG_1801Last night, Scott and I were invited to dine at Tsunami Japanese Restaurant in Mosman Park. I was so incredibly excited as Japanese cuisine is my favourite! We were invited to review the restaurant as part of their SuperSake Festival promotions.

IMG_0501Tsunami are hosting their first Super Sake Festival on July 18th and 19th of July, where guests have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of traditional Sake and Japanese foods. Sake is a brewed rice beverage that is typically alcoholic and is derived from fermented rice. Due to my surgery coming up, I am unable to drink alcohol and therefore unable to sample any of the sake on offer, Scott did though and we were so fortunate for the “Sake Lesson” we received also. Milan, the event organiser and the kitchen supervisor shared so many interesting facts about Sake which they ensured the guests of the Sake Festival would hear also. It is sometimes overwhelming at traditional restaurants as you want to try the cultural foods but don’t want to offend or order incorrectly. We were so fortunate to be given the ins-and-outs as what sake to drink with what foods and when. Milan told us that Sake is typically like wine in that it has many different flavours and elements and therefore they recommend it with different dishes. Traditionally, hot sake is enjoyed with cold dishes such as sushi or sashimi or when the temperatures are freezing and snowing!IMG_0526

Scott tasted a few different varieties, some hot and some cold. Not all varieties were at the premises yet as they are being kept in a warehouse below 5 degrees, which is the best way to store Sake. As sake has no preservatives, it has very strict storage rules and has a shelf life of no more than 6 weeks once opened (although they recommend to consume within 2 weeks so as it doesn’t become flat!)

The venue is absolutely incredible and I can imagine it would be the perfect spot to host a Sake festival. With the train line adjacent to Glyde Street, it makes for a fulfilled night where you are not left wondering how you are going to stumble home after a night on the Sake! Also, Tsunami is a large venue that is made so intimate with many different rooms coming off a long hall way, a beautifully lit outdoor courtyard, dimmed lighting, live music and gorgeous bars throughout. We were seated inside, opposite the bar with a view overlooking the courtyard and pianist in the corner of the room.

We were given some menus to look over, which started with a seriously overwhelming wine, beer, sake and cocktail list- how I wish I could have tried a few as they all sounded amazing! Instead, we moved straight into the foods, which took us just as long to read as the menu was equally impressive with a good selection and range to suit all tastebuds and appetites. Plus, how cool is the Q & A  page?!

After many discussions and changes, we selected Japanese tea  and the Cancun Sushi ($18.90) to start and then the Salmon dish ($18) and New Style Sashimi Platter ($33) for our mains. The service was slow to start giving us more than enough time to study the menu, but once they took our order, the service was fantastic. The staff ensured we had enough water for the table, that we were comfortable and even took the time to explain each dish as they arrived, including the sides and way they are cooked.

IMG_0511Within no time, the tea and sushi arrived. The Cancun Sushi consisted of prawn tempura with garlic on the inside, smoked wagyu on the outside and dressed with a delicious jalapeño balsamic dressing. It was beautifully presented and the taste was incredible. I don’t usually eat red meat but decided to spoil Scott with his first choice in dish…although I removed the wagyu from the sushi, I still devoured and enjoyed the sushi!

IMG_0519Next up was the Salmon, which was a Tasmanian salmon steak, tepid grilled, with green tea macha noodles, grilled zucchini and sweet potato mash. This was sensational. The dressing was so sweet and refreshing and set this dish off. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life…this dish would be it! If you are going to dine at Tsunami, you simply have to order this dish! LIFE CHANGING 🙂
Scott and I shared it (as much as I didn’t want to) along with the Sashimi Hot Rock Plate that was to come next.

IMG_0515The New Style Sashimi platter was 12 pieces of sashimi served on a 400 degree volcanic stone. I loved that our waiter explained how to cook the sashimi on the hot rock. He explained that we are to soak the sashimi in the citrus juice and then sit it on the hot rock for about 7 seconds each side, before dunking it in the chilli sauce and topping it with ginger and wasabi to taste. This was so delicious too and it was such a nice way to dine.

IMG_0520We were more than satisfied with our meal choices, we did contemplate ordering another sushi tray, but at the moment the waiter arrived with the desserts menu and after taking a quick peek at that, we decided we would eat dessert instead. (Scott really twisted my arm…not!) We ordered the Icecream Sampler ($11) which consisted of one scoop of each flavour: ginger, macha tea and black sesame. We weren’t really sure what to expect as we had never tried these flavours before but after talking to the supervisor who assured us that they were made predominantly in house, how could we refuse to try them! When they arrived, we quickly took a spoonful of each to ensure we liked them. I was secretly hoping Scott didn’t like them, because I LOVED each of them. Unfortunately, he did too!

I really loved the macha green tea, whilst Scott preferred the black sesame scoop, he said it tasted like a really creamy cookies and cream! The ginger was the perfect way to end the meal as it was almost like a creamy sorbet, with a refreshing aftertaste and a great way to cleanse the palate.

We had the most amazing dining experience at Tsunami and will most certainly be back very soon to try more things on the menu, as there was just so much that caught my eye! We are very disappointed that we will miss the Sake Festival on the 18th and 19th of July but have been assured that should this one be successful, another one may be on the cards later in the year. I strongly suggest that you attend the festival. At a tiny $10 admissions fee, why wouldn’t you? For only $10 you will get to sample 10 different sakes of your choice from a range of approximately 56 varieties! Also, traditional Japanese foods such as sushi and sashimi will be on offer for purchase for a small price through a range of “food trucks” set up in the venue to accompany and compliment the Sake. For more information regarding the Super Sake Festival, feel free to contact me or Tsunami Restaurant.

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