Evviva Cafe

OPENING HOURS: Daily: 7.30am-2.30pm
ADDRESS: Shop 1/233 Naturaliste Terrace, Dunsborough, WA
PHONE: (08) 9755 3811

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After a beautiful weekend down south for a friends wedding, my friend and I decided to indulge in a long breakfast catch up before starting the drive home. With so many amazing choices in restaurants and cafes in Dunsborough, we were a little overwhelmed with choice. After driving along the main strip, we decided to park our car and wander through town to find a cafe with not only a delicious menu but also where we could sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

We decided on evviva cafe, as it was buzzing with chatter and had a good, friendly atmosphere. We were welcomed by the barista behind the take away coffee cart that was so ideally parked in one of the cafes car bays out front. With inviting decor and comfortable seating, we chose to sit out on the front porch- However, there was ample seating both indoors, on the front porch, out on the patio and also amongst the gardens. The furniture was very mismatched with stools, beanbags, couches and barrels all being offered.

After browsing over the menu for quite some time we ordered at the front counter, which had various fresh breads and muffins on display, not to mention an amazing selection of granola, oats and fresh fruits too. We opted for smashed avocado, feta and eggs on toast and the vegetarian big breakfast. It was a tough choice- especially when salted caramel pancakes with almonds and walnuts was the “breakfast of the day!” We were told by the friendly staff to expect a 20-30minute wait as they were very busy- which we didn’t mind! It was a lazy Sunday for us and a long chat was exactly what we needed. I don’t mind waiting for my food, as long as I have been pre warned. Nothing worse than being left waiting and not being acknowledged. Although, after a short wait, our coffees were brought to our table anyhow. On cue, our meals were delivered to our table and well worth the wait. My vegetarian breakfast came with rye bread, poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, marinated feta, tomatoes, spinach leaves and hash browns. It was certainly a big breakfast- but nothing I couldn’t handle 🙂 My friend was happy with her meal too. A generous serve of avocado with marinated feta served onto of sourdough toast and two poached eggs.

 Although a little overpriced for breakfast, ($20-$26each) we enjoyed our meals and left feeling satisfied and content.
Thanks Evviva!


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