2 Years Ago, I Did A Thing.

🍾CHEERS  TO  TWO  YEARS🥂 Gosh- how my life has changed! Imagine if I had NEVER said yes to this online health & fitness coaching opportunity. If I had NEVER given myself the chance to succeed or build my business & brand doing what I am just so passionate about! I certainly wouldn’t have developed this […]

Work OR Pleasure?

Let me set the scene. We were checking into our hotel and the girl at the front desk asked me if I was here for “Work or Pleasure”🤔 I didn’t know how to respond. Ahhhh… is there a difference?  I brought my laptopto host my team calls for my coach mentorship, so work? But then […]

A Workout to Remember!

A WORKOUT TO REMEMBER! On Saturday morning, Scott drove me out to West Hollywood so that I could meet one of my biggest inspirations, Holly Holton and train at her incredible “female only” gym- Pink Iron. If you haven’t already ready my previous blog post about Pink Iron, I suggest you do by CLICKING HERE so that […]

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