Today’s training was exactly the way I like it- intense, tough and exhausting! Nothing beats a workout that leaves you feeling both shattered and proud at the same time! After all- today is Friday. Any extra workouts over the weekend are by choice and for pure enjoyment only. All muscles groups have been trained this week and […]

HIIT Me Baby One More Time.

This mornings workout started with a HIIT session on my own. I had plans to meet up later with my client, Lauren, and her friend who would be joining us for a “Back” weights session. I loved getting a text message last night from Lauren asking if she could bring a friend who is thinking of joining […]

Treadmill, Bis & Tris.

This morning I hit the gym around 9am, starting with a short HIIT session on the treadmill. I ran 40seconds on at 13km/hr and then 20seconds off, resting on the edge of the treadmill. I repeated this for 20 minutes which spiked my heart rate and got me pumped up ready to smash Bis and Tris. […]

Work It.

So here you have it! Below is my weights workout routines for this week. I usually try to keep to the same routine for 3-4 weeks and then mix it up completely so that my body doesn’t become complacent or lazy! That way I am shocking my muscles with new routines and usuing different muscles […]

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