Australia’s Up & Coming Health Influencers


MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

Staying fit and healthy is always challenging when you lead a busy life. It’s not always easy to get yourself to the gym but there are other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit with the help of these amazing Australian health influencers.

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Aspire To Inspire.

3b04c91851c488b9cca250f5c9096fa7-1I have been inspired to add a new segment/tab to my website called “ASPIRE TO INSPIRE”. The inspiration came from someone who can best be described as not only a positive role model and huge inspiration in my life, but also a newly acclaimed mentor and friend. He approached me knowing that this website, which reaches hundreds of people everyday, would allow him to share his story. This amazing man, who has such a positive influence on so many people’s lives, has been battling mental illness and depression for a number of years and with his story hopes to inspire others to speak up, reach out and begin their journey of self discovery and self-worth.

The Aspire To Inspire tab will be updated on a monthly basis, with stories about people who will inspire you on your own journey in life, whether it be mental health, physical health or someone who simply aspires to inspire others… I want to share their story with you! If you know of someone who has a story to share or has reached a significant milestone or you would like to nominate a story yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me HERE!

Read all about the man who inspired this segment and who inspires me in every aspect of my life by CLICKING HERE.

F45 for the win!

IMG_2532Today I went back to my old stomping ground… F45 Training Studio in Mandurah. I used to train here daily back in March and although I was loving the workouts and increase in my strength, stamina and energy, I went back to my usual routine of cardio training and weight lifting in the gym.

But, I’m back- and in a big way! Those who have been following me for a while know that I am on a massive quest to gain muscle while keeping a relatively low body fat percentage. Although I am making “reasonable” gains, I am wanting more. I have been working with a coach so my nutrition/diet is on point, my supp stack is perfectly matched (thanks to and my weight training is going well but in order to step up my progress- I have been doing fasted cardio each morning. I tried steady state but that was burning too much muscle… I struggle to build muscle so I needed to up the anti with my cardio and burn some stubborn fat!
That’s where Chappy and the team at F45 got on board!

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Week 10 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 31st July 2016 | Day: 70 of 70 (+7) | Current Weight: 53.8kgs 1.26.32 pmPROGRESS UPDATE:
This morning, before my fasted cardio session at the gym, I weighed in at 53.8kgs, a gain of 200g this week!? Although I was least expecting a rise on the scales, I need to remind myself that the goal is to lose body fat during this cutting phase. Therefore, I need not pay attention to the scales. I’m feeling leaner and hoping that my BF% is less, although I haven’t had another scan yet so can’t say for sure!

It’s been a good week though so with only a week to go of this “Transformation” and only another 2 weeks before my next photo shoot… it’s time to step it up a little in the gym and kitchen!

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Week 9 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 24th July 2016 | Day: 63 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.6kgs

simonemckenna.comPROGRESS UPDATE:
This morning, before my fasted cardio session at the gym, I weighed in at 53.6kgs. With only a 300g increase in weight I am pretty impressed that I have maintained my previous weeks weight. Last week I had a pretty big loss of 1.1kgs for my first week of cutting, so I am glad I haven’t lost as much this week. 

I have received so much love and support this week via my snapchat (simone.mckenna) and instagram (@simonemckennablog) accounts. The encouraging words and positive feedback fuelled my workouts this week to be the best week of training I’ve probably ever had! I have included my training split below as well as a more in depth look at my current eating plan. Although I try to be as open and honest as I can be, I am always quite conscious of sharing my nutrition plans as they have been designed to suit my body and my training and I worry that people will look at them and want to copy them and not actually get results! Everybody’s metabolism, nutritional intake, macro counts and needs are different, which is why I never provide weight/grams of my food. So please, I urge you not to copy my plans but instead let them be healthy food ideas or “food for thought” when following you own plan. 
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Week 8 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 17th July 2016 | Day: 56 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.3kgs

I am unable to give you an update of my weight today as I forgot to weigh in when I went to the gym. I always like to weigh myself on the same scales so will check in with you all tomorrow morning and let you know (if you’re even interested hehe).

This week would have to have been my best week of training. Reflecting back on the week, I have loved my morning fasted cardio sessions. Not just for the energy boost it gives me first up in the morning but also because it pushes back my first meal from my usual 6am to about 8am. This means although my calories have been cut slightly, I’m not finding myself hungry as I have  the same amount of meals to eat- just in less time! 
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Fasted Cardio

After speaking about my new program (which includes fasted cardio) during “Team Training” this week, many of the girls have been asking me about it. What is fasted cardio? Who benefits from this in their fitness program? What are the pros and cons? So this inspired me to write about my opinion on this topic and how/why I am doing fasted cardio as part of my cutting phase.

Fasted cardio or fasted training is training without eating or taking any supplements beforehand. Training on an empty stomach (say after 10 or so hours/ or overnight) our blood sugar levels are low, our glycogen (stored muscle sugar) is depleted and our insulin and cortisol levels are low. When training, our body burns sugar first, but if we are fasted and sugar is not available, it will burn fat (keytone bodies) and use fat as energy as opposed to muscle, sugar or supplements.

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Week 7 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 10th July 2016 | Day: 49 of 70 | Current Weight: 54.3kgs

This week’s update is going to be fairly short and sweet due to me posting about my progress and latest BioXscan results during the week. If you missed it, CLICK HERE as it has all the stats from Week 0 until now, which brings me to the end of Week 7. This week was a bit of a topsy-turvy week, so to speak, as we had to switch up my plan a little. Rather than week 7 being the start of my cut (Phase 3),  I had to continue on Phase 2 in order for my metabolism to catch up and for my body to react to the extra carbs as planned. 

Thankfully after passing on my BioXscan results and speaking with my coach Nathan Rocks on Friday, he has confirmed that we are able to go ahead and start Phase 3 as of next week! WOO HOO!

So read on to hear about what this next phase entails…
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