It’s only 45 minutes of your day!

IMG_2534F45 Functional Training… If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then it’s most likely you haven’t read about the fitness craze that’s taken over Hollywood and now Australia, due to the amazing results people are bragging about! It’s safe to say that you probably don’t follow me on snapchat (which you totally should- simone.mckenna) and it’s possible that you’ve been living under a rock! JUST KIDDING… BUT SERIOUSLY!

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F45 for the win!

IMG_2532Today I went back to my old stomping ground… F45 Training Studio in Mandurah. I used to train here daily back in March and although I was loving the workouts and increase in my strength, stamina and energy, I went back to my usual routine of cardio training and weight lifting in the gym.

But, I’m back- and in a big way! Those who have been following me for a while know that I am on a massive quest to gain muscle while keeping a relatively low body fat percentage. Although I am making “reasonable” gains, I am wanting more. I have been working with a coach so my nutrition/diet is on point, my supp stack is perfectly matched (thanks to and my weight training is going well but in order to step up my progress- I have been doing fasted cardio each morning. I tried steady state but that was burning too much muscle… I struggle to build muscle so I needed to up the anti with my cardio and burn some stubborn fat!
That’s where Chappy and the team at F45 got on board!

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Week 10 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 31st July 2016 | Day: 70 of 70 (+7) | Current Weight: 53.8kgs 1.26.32 pmPROGRESS UPDATE:
This morning, before my fasted cardio session at the gym, I weighed in at 53.8kgs, a gain of 200g this week!? Although I was least expecting a rise on the scales, I need to remind myself that the goal is to lose body fat during this cutting phase. Therefore, I need not pay attention to the scales. I’m feeling leaner and hoping that my BF% is less, although I haven’t had another scan yet so can’t say for sure!

It’s been a good week though so with only a week to go of this “Transformation” and only another 2 weeks before my next photo shoot… it’s time to step it up a little in the gym and kitchen!

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