My Top 3 Tips for Abs.

đź‘™LET’S TALK ABSđź‘™ TIP NO.1- when striving for visible abs should always always be diet. This shouldn’t be news to you- we’ve all heard “abs are made in the kitchen” blah blah blah. But ideally, for VISIBLE abs, you’d be in a deficit which means expending more kcals than you are consuming! Also, it’s important to […]

Week 4 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage. Date: 19th June 2016 | Day: 28 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.2kgs PROGRESS UPDATE: So on Wednesday, I was ready to give up on this new plan to gain muscle. I even told Zac (the […]

Today’s “Back” Workout.

WARM UP: 10 minutes on rowing machine EXERCISES: – Lat Pull Down (wide) – Bent Over Barbell Rows (wide grip) – Lat Pull Downs (narrow/ reverse grip) – Bent over Barbell Rows (narrow/reverse grip) –  Single Arm Seated Rows (machine) – Lat Flys (machine) – Straight Arm Pushdowns – Rope Pulls – Back Extensions (with […]

Today’s Team Training Session.

Check out this short snippet of my girls smashing their upper body focused team training session this morning! FULL WORKOUT. 45secs on/ 15secs off- repeat each circuit x2  CIRCUIT #1 – tricep dips on bench – upright rows – bent over flies – push ups – bicep curls (top halves) CIRCUIT #2 – KB rows […]

Chest, Shoulders & Tris Workout.

SUPER SETS Chest Press (barbell with narrow grip) 15 x 3 Tricep Dips on bench 12 x 3 Seated Shoulder Press (dumbbells) 12 x 3 Upright Rows (barbell) 10 x 3 Lateral Raises (dumbbells) 15, 15, 12, 10 Bent Over Rows (barbell) 10 x 3 Rear Delt Rope Pulls 20 x 2 Tricep Rope Extensions 10 x 3 Shoulder Shrugs (weight plate) 20 […]

Is ‘Fit’ the New Fashion?

During the week I had the most interesting conversation with a friend and I just can’t stop thinking about a comment she made. We were discussing the launch of my new website and how the popularity of being fit and healthy has become somewhat a new trend. She made the comment that during the week […]

HIIT Me Baby One More Time.

This mornings workout started with a HIIT session on my own. I had plans to meet up later with my client, Lauren, and her friend who would be joining us for a “Back” weights session. I loved getting a text message last night from Lauren asking if she could bring a friend who is thinking of joining […]

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