Abs & Shoulders.

My training session was fairly light this morning with a focus on abs and shoulders. I will most likely hit the gym again later this afternoon so I can complete a more intense cardio session. I just wasn’t feeling up to it this morning. It is fairly unusual for me to feel unmotivated (especially on a Monday morning) […]

A Sunny Monday.

Yesterday I started my day with a short cardio circuit, followed by a weights session (back only). I will post my workout plan for this week, later today- for those of you who are interested!  After training, I raced home to get ready for my day. With an egg white omelette for breakfast and a […]

HIIT the Ground Running.

Let me set the scene. My alarm goes off at 4.45am. I sneak into the bathroom so as not to wake my house mates who are sound asleep. I quickly and as silently as possible change into my gym gear (prepped and ready the night before) before creeping into the lounge to catch a glimpse […]

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