12 days of Fitmas FREE Group.

The holiday season (although the BEST season of all) can be somewhat stressful, am I right? All the food temptations, calorie loaded hot coffee options, packed schedules, and seasonal pressures can make it an overwhelming time. Plus, statistics show that the average person gains 1-5lbs between Halloween and Christmas! WOW! Join me for my 12 […]

Sheet Pan Sausage & Vegetables

Any one else make at least one “kitchen sink salad” per week? This is what I call the salads that I throw together to use up the leftover fresh produce in my fridge at the end of the week! Well, if that sounds like you, I’m about to blow your mind with this Winter Warmer! […]

Gluten-Free & Fine About It!

After finding out about my intolerance to Gluten, I was excited to begin my “Gluten-Free” journey. I wasn’t too worried, knowing that my typical diet doesn’t typically include a lot of breads, crackers, pastas etc. What I didn’t know though, was all the crazy foods that wheat is in, that you least expect! Wheat is […]

Let’s Talk Cereal, Seriously.

HAPPY NATIONAL CEREAL DAY! Unfortunately, this is not a post CELEBRATING cereal. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I know I’m going to hurt a lot of hearts and possibly lose some creditability for posting this, but I have to get this off my chest.  Seriously just ask my husband, the only thing we ever […]

Week 8 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage. Date: 17th July 2016 | Day: 56 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.3kgs PROGRESS UPDATE: I am unable to give you an update of my weight today as I forgot to weigh in when I went […]

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