SUNDAY- I never know if it’s the first day of the week or if it’s the last day of the week. But, that could be a good thing because then mentally I think I need to use Sunday well to make sure I start my week off right (by training hard and eating right) or […]

Today’s “Back” Workout.

WARM UP: 10 minutes on rowing machine EXERCISES: – Lat Pull Down (wide) – Bent Over Barbell Rows (wide grip) – Lat Pull Downs (narrow/ reverse grip) – Bent over Barbell Rows (narrow/reverse grip) –  Single Arm Seated Rows (machine) – Lat Flys (machine) – Straight Arm Pushdowns – Rope Pulls – Back Extensions (with […]

Today’s Team Training Session.

Check out this short snippet of my girls smashing their upper body focused team training session this morning! FULL WORKOUT. 45secs on/ 15secs off- repeat each circuit x2  CIRCUIT #1 – tricep dips on bench – upright rows – bent over flies – push ups – bicep curls (top halves) CIRCUIT #2 – KB rows […]

Chest, Shoulders & Tris Workout.

SUPER SETS Chest Press (barbell with narrow grip) 15 x 3 Tricep Dips on bench 12 x 3 Seated Shoulder Press (dumbbells) 12 x 3 Upright Rows (barbell) 10 x 3 Lateral Raises (dumbbells) 15, 15, 12, 10 Bent Over Rows (barbell) 10 x 3 Rear Delt Rope Pulls 20 x 2 Tricep Rope Extensions 10 x 3 Shoulder Shrugs (weight plate) 20 […]

Abs & Shoulders.

My training session was fairly light this morning with a focus on abs and shoulders. I will most likely hit the gym again later this afternoon so I can complete a more intense cardio session. I just wasn’t feeling up to it this morning. It is fairly unusual for me to feel unmotivated (especially on a Monday morning) […]


Today’s training was exactly the way I like it- intense, tough and exhausting! Nothing beats a workout that leaves you feeling both shattered and proud at the same time! After all- today is Friday. Any extra workouts over the weekend are by choice and for pure enjoyment only. All muscles groups have been trained this week and […]

Work It.

So here you have it! Below is my weights workout routines for this week. I usually try to keep to the same routine for 3-4 weeks and then mix it up completely so that my body doesn’t become complacent or lazy! That way I am shocking my muscles with new routines and usuing different muscles […]

HIIT the Ground Running.

Let me set the scene. My alarm goes off at 4.45am. I sneak into the bathroom so as not to wake my house mates who are sound asleep. I quickly and as silently as possible change into my gym gear (prepped and ready the night before) before creeping into the lounge to catch a glimpse […]

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