ATTAIN Holistic Health & Fitness.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the team Jordan and Bernice at the newest and coolest “health hangout” in Mandurah, ATTAIN Holistic Health and Fitness. Jordan is the head trainer at the multi modality centre and is an Exercise Scientist (UWA) and certified strength and conditioning coach- in fact the only StrongFirst certified instructor […]

Drop it like a SQUAT.

The “squat” is a full body compound exercise. Many muscles work at the same time, not just your legs. Your upper-back, shoulders and arms balance the bar on your back, whilst your legs and gluten drive the exercise. It works more muscles, with heavier weight, than more popular exercises like the bench press. It’s therefore […]

Perfect Progress.

How do you track your progress? mood or energy? weight on the scales? the way your clothes fit? recording and comparing your body measurements? photos? strength or fitness tests? body fat VS. muscle percentages?  A) I have always been motivated by my mood and energy. I surround myself with people who inspire me, challenge me […]

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