Non Scale Victories.

Although Sunday’s are typically my rest days, lately I’ve been using Sunday’s to test my PBs. Sunday’s are my least busy day of the week and I’m usually in no mad rush to get out the door early so I have more time to stretch, wake and eat appropriately too. This makes my lift so […]

Today’s “Back” Workout.

WARM UP: 10 minutes on rowing machine EXERCISES: – Lat Pull Down (wide) – Bent Over Barbell Rows (wide grip) – Lat Pull Downs (narrow/ reverse grip) – Bent over Barbell Rows (narrow/reverse grip) –  Single Arm Seated Rows (machine) – Lat Flys (machine) – Straight Arm Pushdowns – Rope Pulls – Back Extensions (with […]

Treadmill, Bis & Tris.

This morning I hit the gym around 9am, starting with a short HIIT session on the treadmill. I ran 40seconds on at 13km/hr and then 20seconds off, resting on the edge of the treadmill. I repeated this for 20 minutes which spiked my heart rate and got me pumped up ready to smash Bis and Tris. […]

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