Starting Date: May 2016

“You make training so fun and really motivating! I haven’t ever loved working out as much as I do now. “

“Yesterday was the best workout, everything is on fire today but I love it! Couldn’t handle weights today but off for a light run ☺ Thanks so much!”

Alison M

“You are so inspirational! I wish I had a mind set that put in as much effort and persistence in personal goals as you do, you are a true champion 💪🏻 Although I’m not as dedicated as you in my weight loss, I want you to know you are making a difference in the way I am thinking about food and exercise. Thank you for sharing your journey and unknowingly making a difference just by being you.”

Tash L.

Starting Date: May 2016

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Simone for everything she has done for my health and fitness over the past 3 months! I have never been a person who is naturally motivated to exercise and I really struggled with my work/life balance, using the long hours I worked as an excuse to not consistently exercise.  HOWEVER, since beginning a boot camp style group fitness session just twice a week with Simone, everything has changed! Simone made me feel so comfortable exercising in a group (despite my total lack of fitness or technique) and gave me the motivation to stick at it, which is something I never had before. Although there is a few of us, you are there helping everyone get the most from every exercise and pushing us to give every station our all. I always leave our training sessions with the biggest smile on my face after huffing, puffing and giggling with the girls, knowing I am getting my fitness and health back to where it needs to be!
Simone, I am so grateful for your friendship, inspiration and motivation! No matter what is happening in your own life, you always give your clients your all!”

Amanda N.

Starting Date: February 2016

“Emotionally, after our work out today, this is the best I’ve felt all week. I actually can’t believe how much more calmer and generally settled I feel after being active and moving. I think this has really shown me how important exercise is for me on a regular basis, not just for my physical health but for my emotional health and ability to manage stress.

So I just want to say thank you for always supporting me and pushing me. I really appreciate having you in my life and know that you have changed it for the better!”

Emma M.

Starting Date: March 2016

“I hate getting on the scales because I get worried that nothing will change, but… I’ve lost cm’s off everything and lost 2kgs. That’s massive for me. Thank you- you have pushed me in the right way and know how to work my body hard.  YAAAAYY, you’re the best!”

“YOU’RE AMAZING SIMONE- honestly I wouldn’t be this dedicated or getting the body that I have always wanted if it wasn’t for you!!! Thank you so much for getting me to this place.”

Katelyn P.

Starting Date: 21 September 2015

“I just had to email you and attach a before and after photo to show the change you have created for me! I’m so happy Simone and I know I can only keep getting better.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”

Tegan J.

Starting Date: 14 September 2015

“It’s only been my first day following my simonemckenna.com diet plan but I am already excited to see what else is to come. The first day has been amazing. I was a bit hesitant at first but as soon as I started I knew I never wanted to look back. Today at school I just had so much more energy and I was looking forward to each meal that was to come. Breakfast was amazing as was lunch, I never knew something that healthy could taste so good! I know dinner is going to be equally as good because everything in it is good for me and will help me to reach my ultimate fitness goal.”

“Very excited for training this week-I love it! I love not being out of breath just fro jogging up some stairs or being tired when I’ve done nothing. I love being tired because I’ve worked my butt off with you exercising.”

“I wore my ‘goal’ grey dress out for dinner on Tuesday night and it fit so nicely, everyone said it looked nice. It was so nice to be able to dress up and look nice and feel good too.”


Caitlin S.

You are definitely an inspiration to me! Your commitment and dedication is so motivating. Last year I was always making excuses for not training or going to the gym, but knowing that you do the same job as me plus a billion other things reminds me that if I really want it- I can do it!
Thanks so much.

Steph C.

Starting Date: 2 February 2015
I started with Simone because I had tried so many times to get fit and lose the weight but nothing ever worked. I knew if I had an older and like-minded person helping me it would make it easier and it most certainly has.

I’ve been motivated the whole time and the gym sessions with Simone are the highlight of my week. I go to the gym five times a week now. Simone writes weekly gym plans for me which is really helpful because I know what I’m doing when I get to the gym.

I can sit with friends that are eating food that I know is bad for me and not be tempted anymore, which I never used to be able to do. Having Simone’s guidance has definitely made all the difference.

Lauren G.