Starting Date: May 2016

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Simone for everything she has done for my health and fitness over the past 3 months! I have never been a person who is naturally motivated to exercise and I really struggled with my work/life balance, using the long hours I worked as an excuse to not consistently exercise.  HOWEVER, since beginning a boot camp style group fitness session just twice a week with Simone, everything has changed! Simone made me feel so comfortable exercising in a group (despite my total lack of fitness or technique) and gave me the motivation to stick at it, which is something I never had before. Although there is a few of us, you are there helping everyone get the most from every exercise and pushing us to give every station our all. I always leave our training sessions with the biggest smile on my face after huffing, puffing and giggling with the girls, knowing I am getting my fitness and health back to where it needs to be!
Simone, I am so grateful for your friendship, inspiration and motivation! No matter what is happening in your own life, you always give your clients your all!”


Amanda N.