5 Reasons to Train with Resistance Bands.

    They essentially allow you to replicate cable -pulley movements at a fraction of the cost/ size/ accessibility etc. All you need to do is attach the band to a stationary object (or simply stand on it!) and pull to create resistance at the opposite end. The less lack in the band, the greater the tension and the harder the exercise will be. Resistance bands are versatile in that you can preform a wide range of exercises using them, hit various muscle groups and also modify the difficulty to suit limitations or provide challenges.
  2. They are PORTABLE.
    Unlike cables, resistance bands can be taken with you in your suitcase when traveling, used in a home gym, thrown into your gym bag and taken either to the gym or park or friends house…anywhere! They provide instant access to a workout!
  3. They are AFFORDABLE.
    For less than $50, you can find complete kits that provide a set of five colored tube style bands which would provide a variety of resistance/strengths. Some packages even come with detachable loops, handles, ankle straps etc.
  4. They are DURABLE.
    Quality bands can withstand over 20,000 stretches before they begin to lose elasticity. Under normal conditions, this is between 1-2 years of moderate use…for under $50, say what?
  5. The list of EXERCISES are ENDLESS.
    You can literally hit every muscle group with resistance bands and actually get a really good workout from bands and body weight alone. Don’t believe me? Put some of the following exercises to the test!


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Transformation Tuesday.

Today’s post is of a different kind. It doesn’t include a workout, a tip or piece of gym advice, nor is it a recipe or restaurant review. It is in fact, my own story. It is my journey of where I started, where I’ve been and where I’m at.  This incredible fitness journey so far has been filled with so much learning, new challenges, a new career, a hobby, a website, new motivation, rewards, new confidence, led me to meet so many new people- many of which have become my friends and most definitely a new life…and one for the better at that!

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Stability & Balance.

Yesterday I had a short conversation about balance and stability with a fit couple from our gym. We noted how important the two aspects of fitness and training are, yet we so easily disregard them or brush them aside when time becomes tight or our bodies become fatigued.

The stability ball is such a useful piece of equipment and can be used in various parts of your workout to perform a wide range of seated and prone exercises. Almost any exercise done on a bench, can be done on a ball and being an air filled object, it can be a lot more comfortable too! Now don’t go chasing your entire bench routine to using the ball as there is certainly a need for both! When using the ball, you may find that your force output and weight range will decrease as the muscles are being used to help you balance and stable. Stability ball training puts your body in an unstable environment which requires your core to be attentive throughout each exercise, which is why they have a good reputation of building your core and lower back muscles!

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A Floating Yoga Experience.

On Sunday morning, a girlfriend and I participated in our very first Floating Yoga session. Up until about a month ago, I never even knew this existed. I mean, I had seen Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga being exploited all over Instagram, but I had never seen a “floating” yoga class within a pool. I’ve done a terrible job explaining this… let me try again!

Ok, so if you are like me and hadn’t heard of Turtle Mats, they are essentially a combination of a paddle board and a floating yoga mat. They are somewhat sturdy in the water, they still wobble and move about but that actually works to you benefit! When you are on the Turtle Mat, all of your stabilizing muscles are instantly switched on and work with you to help you stay balanced. Without even knowing it, you will be targeting the same areas that most Yoga exercises target and even more, due to the use of stabilizing muscles.

The class started at 9am with Kati (the instructor) allowing us to find our balance by kneeling on our mat and allowing us to become familiar with our breathing, which is one of the main reasons to practice yoga. She asked the group if there were any muscle groups or poses in particular that we wanted to focus on so that she couldn’t tailor the class around our needs. There was something so magical and rewarding about being on the water and in the sunshine whilst partaking in a yoga session. In the past I had taken part in outdoor yoga sessions which were great, as I just love being outside, but this was something else!

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Last night, my husband Scott & I were treated to dinner at Pizza Fire in Westerville. Jordan, the new GM at this location, invited us to come in and try their super delicious, ultra fast (literally 180seconds), fire-baked pizza! I had heard such great things about this place and I was delighted to finally give it a try myself. All day I was thinking up what to put on my "build-your-own" pizza and salad, only to arrive in store to be told that I would be receiving the VIP treatment in sampling their "Pizza of the Month" for August, a day ahead of anyone else. In fact, the staff had only sampled it 15 minutes before us! How cool is that?

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4 minutes to a better bod.

So you’ve probably heard the term TABATA training?  It’s nothing new, but a term that has been swept under the rug compared to ‘HIIT’ and ‘LISS’ as of late.  However, I’m here to remind you of what tababta training is and why is it the best kept secret for busy people with little time to exercise.
What if I told you that in just 4 minutes, 5 times a week, you could improve your overall fitness, increase energy, improve your metabolism and burn fat…fast!

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